Hooriya in the night wears makeup, lit her room up with candles and starts dancing and smiling, her sister Namal sees the scene and got so frightened, she carries her mom to see that through window and she also mistakes this state of mind of her daughter as some supernatural impact. Rather than taking her to some therapist, she is thinking to take her to some Peer.


Warda’s brother in law desire to wed Hooriya isn’t appearing any sense. He shares his wish to wed Hooriya with his mom who gets annoyed. She insults her daughter in law and taunts her that her sister must have an evil destiny like her so she won’t make her daughter in law.

Asfand, then again, is so anxious, he finally talks about with his parents his wish to wed Hooriya on which his parents have no issue. But Asfand’s mom feels that Hooriya’s mom will never allow this to occur and she is correct. She dislikes him and firmly against the idea of Asfand and Hooriya’s marriage when Hooriya’s dad discusses it with his wife.


Hooriya regularly shares with Asfand that he is sitting with her a moment back and furthermore that he has guaranteed her that he will discuss her to his mom when in actuality he has not discussed this issue with Hooriya. Asfand has detected that there is some issue going with Hooriya however what she is experiencing, he has no clue.


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