Four new youth development programs are to be launched By PM.
PM will address the youth benefitted by Kamyab Jawan Program on November 24. source:

Prime Minister Imran Khan will launch new youth development programs and address youth at a general meeting on Wednesday. Prime Minister Imran Khan will address the beneficiaries of the Kamyab Jawan program at a special meeting tomorrow. Moreover, the PM will also launch four new youth development programs.

Program named Kamyab Jawan:

Special Assistant to the PM of Youth Affairs Usman Dar said the launch of the Kamyab Jawan Markaz program would benefit 2.5 million students of 137 universities across the country. Under this program, university students will receive career counseling, scholarships, employment, and a business center.

We are promoting sports in the country:

In addition, a major skills hunting program will be launched to promote the sport in the country. Usman Dar said the new talent in 12 different sports would be honored at the national level. Earlier this month, the Kamyab Jawan Program completed its two years and a performance report to provide employment and skills to more than 100,000 youth.

Presented a two-year working report:

The head of the Kamyab Jawan Program, Usman Dar, met with Prime Minister Imran Khan on November 6 and presented a two-year working report on the National Youth Development Program. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) coalition government has successfully provided employment, skills, and technical knowledge to more than 100,000 young people across the country.

Kamyab Jawan Skill Scholarship Program:

According to the performance report, the federal govt has allocated more than R35 billion over the past two years, including R30 billion under the new entrepreneurship program. Allocation of funds to youth is done impartially based on merit. The report revealed that 22,000 new businesses were started and 50,000 people were directly employed, while R5 billion was also funded through the Kamyab Jawan Skill Scholarship Program.

Satisfaction with the two-year performance report:

Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed satisfaction with the two-year performance report of the Kamyab Jawan program and commended the efforts of Usman Dar and his team. More than 100,000 young people were taught modern skills and technological know-how. The premier had instructed partner banks to speed up the disbursement process. He announced that the PTI government would provide job and business opportunities for the youth.

Donate more money to help the youth:

Usman Dar thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for his gratitude and said the program is strong and efforts are underway to accelerate progress in this regard. He called on young people interested in entrepreneurship to move forward under the control of the government. He said he had instructed his financial adviser to donate more money to help the youth.

Major source of job and business:

Vision 2030 for this program is currently being developed. The project will be a major source of job and business opportunities by 2023. We want to ensure the efficient use of taxpayers’ money, and no compromises will be made fairly and transparently.

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