The federal government alongside Sindh government is cooperating to solve three important issues of Karachi, Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Saturday after rainfall hit destruction in the city.

He included that the two will be working on cleaning the nullahs, finding a permanent solution for the trash issue in the city and settling the water issues in the city.

Prime minister Imran Khan stated, the entire country feels the pain our people in Karachi are experiencing. Although, out of this destruction and suffering there is now a positive advancement as my legislature, alongside the Sindh government, is moving too quickly act and resolve three important issues of Karachi.

He further stated, cleaning the nullahs once and for all and managing with breaking blocking water channels, formulating a permanent solution for the strong garbage removal and sewerage issues, and settling the basic issue of water supply to residents of Karachi.

President Arif Alvi stated, a positive advancement. Participation between the federal and provincial governments can do amazement during this destructive issue and furthermore later on in future in making of Storm Drains, Sewage Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Fresh Water Supply and Transport. Karachi and rest of Sindh will never be ignored.

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