Rahber’s new ad featuring Fawad Khan will make you laugh out loud
Fawad Khan’s comedic timing is on point in Rahber’s new ad.

Fawad Khan has been featured in three instalments of Rahber’s ad campaign, each more hilarious than the last. However, he puts a great spin on a water cooler commercial in the first ad. In the second ad, he is seen shooting for a film scene where he is supposed to smash a water bottle, but he accidentally drinks the water instead. Although, In the third and most recent ad, he is seen enjoying a cold drink from Rahber’s Ice Box. These short ads are directed in a way that shows Fawad Khan’s awe of the featured product, which turns the overall situation into a hilarious note.

Rahber’s Ice Box:

In the most recent instalment of Rahber’s ad campaign, Fawad Khan is seen shooting for a film scene. He reaches for a water bottle and takes a swig, only to realize that he was supposed to smash it instead. The ad is directed in a way that shows Fawad’s awe of the featured product, turning the overall situation into a hilarious note.

Rahber Hotpot:

The Rahber Hotpot ad starts with a suspenseful scene of an actor breaking into a house. However, the scene quickly turns into a hilarious skit as the actor reveals that he is a working professional trying to get home in time for dinner. He then proceeds to enjoy a delicious meal from Rahber’s Hotpot, the perfect solution for busy people who want to enjoy a hot and hearty meal without spending hours in the kitchen. This ad is a great example of how effective short and simple commercials can be when they are well-written and funny.

Water Cooler:

Fawad Khan’s first ad in the Rahber trilogy was a huge hit with netizens. The ad featured the actor trying to film an action sequence, only to be distracted by chilled water being thrown at him. The ad was hilarious and showed Fawad Khan’s comedic timing. Needless to say, Fawad Khan has nailed all three skits in the trilogy, proving that he is a talented actor who can do it all.

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