Pakistan And India Finally Sit Together - On The Fence
Pakistan and India are Finally Sitting Together source:

Unfortunately, in a rare case, Pakistan and India find themselves on the same side, and they are not sure what that side is. Both nations face unprecedented bias against their allies within NATO over the Ukrainian conflict or risk parting with Russia. The current strategy adopted by both countries is to stay strong on the phone, and hopefully, the issue will be resolved on its own. But this does not happen obviously in the long run, and depending on how long the conflict lasts, it becomes more and more difficult every day.

India’s relations with Russia :

India-Russia relations go far beyond the emerging diplomatic ties established by Pakistan and Russia. When Pakistan and the US united against the Soviet Union during the Cold War,  socialist India was inseparably bound by the Soviet Union.

With the fall of communism and new political pressures demanding a change of coalitions, India has drawn itself to the United States – partly because of rivalry between them and China. However, India remains connected to Russia in many areas – Moscow has repeatedly denied the Kashmir issue to the UN, and, perhaps most importantly, Russia is India’s largest arms supplier.

Pakistan’s interests:

On the other hand, Pakistan’s interests mean that the tightrope walkers are also dangerous. Despite the unusual obstacles, Pakistan and the US remain strong partnerships with their strategic interests in many areas. However, Pakistan’s regional interests and aspirations for future economic growth compel them to continue lobbying for two countries with less American relations: Yes, China, but recently Russia has also become a key partner for Pakistan.

PM Visited Russia:

The recent visit of PM Imran Khan to Russia on the day the conflict began in Ukraine and his meeting with President Putin on energy cooperation – did not bode well for many international players. It would seem that Pakistan has covered the whole world by not knowing this issue! The heads of several foreign missions, for example, on the release of communications laws, have written to the Pakistani Prime Minister a joint letter this week urging him to condemn Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

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