UK linked new COVID-19 three cases found in Pakistan.

UK linked new COVID-19 three cases found in Pakistan.
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The new type of Covid-19, which first found in the UK, has been recognized in Pakistan. Sindh first three cases of the new Covid-19 have been identified in the port city of Karachi.

Sindh and the health authorities took 12 COVID-19 samples of the UK returnees travelers for Genotyping out of which six were positive and three indicated the new type of the COVID-19 infection in the first stage. The Genotyping displayed 95% match of the new virus from the UK and also these samples will experience a second round of Genotyping.

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC), in a notification said that there was no proof so far to recommend that this dangerous virus caused of this variation is more serious as this new Covid-19 infection requires 3-14 days to produce so sometimes individuals are revealed after their test or during travel and also at times if the viral burden is low PCR doesn’t get it so it can show negative in the PCR test.

After the British government officially declared the identification of the new Covid-19, numerous nations, including Pakistan, have force travel restrictions on the UK. Pakistan reported its new SOPs for travel limitations forced on inbound travelers from the United Kingdom (UK). The limitations at first for seven days until Dec 29 but now has broadened them till January 4, 2021.

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