Coke Studio Releases the latest song on Pakistan Day
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Coke Studio latest Pakistan Day special 

Coke Studio launches a new song for Pakistan Day on 23rd March; the song recently released by Coke studio is Ao Ehad Karain; in this song, there is peace and hope, and celebration of young come up talent for forthcoming Resolution Day.

The Song Highlights:

Coke Studio song high lights Ali Hamza, he produces this song, and the track features a diverse set of musicians from a different brand to revive Pakistan’s fabulous national songs. He visualized in collaboration with Inter-Services Public Relation (ISPR).

The song features 

The Song Ao Ehad Karain begins on a capable note with Wattan Ki Mitti, Gawah Rehna Saadat Shafqat, son of Shafqat Amanat Ali, and Zaw Ali, daughter of iconic singer Sajjad Ali.

Strong Verses of Allama Iqbal Poetry:

The well-built verses go along with a particular recitation of Sir Allama Iqbal’s poetry by Ali Hamza, who provides dignity to the narration. The track then moves onto the rap excitement Young Stunners, who give yet another advanced performance with Iqbal words.

The track then takes a turn to Shamu Bai and Vishnu with the Sindhi sibling duo. A young singer from Gilgit-Baltistan has reactivated the song Itnay Baray Jeevan Saagar Mein, a 1960’s classic performed initially by the legendary Allan Fakir. All singers and the bandwidth come together in a perfect union in Mera Paigham, Pakistan, for the final climax.

Given the track, Ali Hamza said that Ao Ehad Karain is an expedition through time and emotion. It starts with a thoughtful looking back to when the Pakistan Resolution was passed on 23rd March 1940. It then jiggles, like history has and life does: questions, dispute, intension, awakening, refresh and then honor a new beginning at the turn of a new century 2021.”

The Noori lead singer added, “This is a salute to the nation and Pakistani nation. It conveys the message of hope, love, and harmony for us and the world as we together face a major turning point in history. It’s a grand multi-city, multi-producer, 75 artists-on-board kind of production, and it’s been four-month-long labor of love.”

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