Pakistan Day celebration postponed due to Covid and weather conditions.
Pakistan Resolution Day source:

The celebrations of Pakistan Day, 23rd 2021, are held over the nation, for the most part, virtual by diverse public and private divisions amid the recent intense wave of the COVID-19 widespread.

History of Pakistan Day:

Pakistan Day celebrates the passing of the Lahore Resolution on 23rd March 1940, when the All-India Muslim League requested a partitioned country for the Muslims of the British Indian Domain. The major celebration is held in Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan.

According to Radio Pakistan, the national flag was hoisted on top of almost all significant government buildings. The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) also released a particular song in connection with the day.

Covid-19 and weather forecast:

Because of the third wave of the pandemic, therefore the celebrations of 23rd March 2021, all occasions commemorating the day will be held while guaranteeing strict compliance with standard working procedures. The rest day is celebrated with an early morning military and civilian march in Islamabad with gun salutes in Islamabad and provincial capitals. However, the ISPR said that the Pakistan Day parade had been postponed due to the harsh climate and rain over the next two days.

The country would reestablish its vow to work with commitment and professional commitment other than paying rich tributes to Pakistan Development’s national heroes for their sacrifices. The nation would pay tributes to pioneers of Pakistan’s development, including Father of the Nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah and National Poet Philosopher Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal, for their inimitable services for Pakistan.

Limitations on open social occasions due to coronavirus widespread have given a modern road to highlight patriotism among Pakistanis who are expressing their thoughts for the nation and its establishing pioneers.

23rd March 2021 and social media:

User-generated content boosts on such occasions as the civilians have no other option to post their thoughts on social media. Including Facebook and WhatsApp with frequent sharing of posts related to Pakistan. The posts with pictures of our saints from civilians and armed forces were the foremost enthusiastic ones exciting each energetic Pakistani’s hearts


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