Discover Pakistan, the first-ever national tourism TV channel.
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“Discover Pakistan” The Pakistan, introduces its first-ever tourism satellite TV channel. According to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision and mission to give the travel industry a preference in mainstream success, Pakistan’s first-ever tourism-focused satellite TV channel, ‘Discover Pakistan,’ has launched on Saturday.

The management of Discover Pakistan’ has declared the news on its only official social media handle.

Channel gain millions of followers

As per PM’s vision, Discover Pakistan had in the waiting list since 2017. The channel starts advancing Pakistan’s beauty and stunning places to visit through its social media pages from that point forward. It has built up a fantastic following of almost 1,000,000 on Facebook with no help.

The objective of the TV channel

This TV channel’s primary goal is to advance Pakistan’s breath-taking beauty, notable areas, and historical places. It will telecast in HD to put forward the country’s incredible sensations around the globe. Also, cover tourism-related occasions, developments, and a morning show featuring Pakistan’s delicate picture.

Discover Pakistan’s live streaming is accessible through its applications present on the Google play store and Apple.

Additionally, the development comes in the middle of a solid focus on advancing tourism by the official government in an offer to create more revenues from the travel industry.

To encourage and facilitate the government’s obligation to give tourism a top priority, Prime Minister Imran Khan, a year ago, on August 26, had established a 12-member National Coordination Committee on Tourism.

According to the issue Terms of Reference, the committee was prepared to screen and survey the implementation of national tourism technique and the combination of strategies of provinces and region.

Tourists around the world wish to visit Pakistan

With the advancement of Pakistan’s security issue, measures to encourage global tourists, and the government’s approaches, Tourism has seen extraordinary degrees of progress, with many worldwide vacationers rushing to visit the nation.

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