Best Places to Try Pasta in Karachi

Karachi has now become the focal point of an alternate assortment of food like Asian cooking, Chinese cooking, Thai food, Italian food, and so on

You can discover practically any kind of food here! Be that as it may, with regards to our taste buds explicitly, we are just at any point fulfilled by a particular number of hand-picked places.

When discussing Italian food, we just can’t skip pasta! I mean please, its PASTA.


Fettuccine pasta, over-burden with thick smooth Alfredo sauce and fiery over-prepared chicken bosom pieces, precludes each other of its sort in taste, quality, and amount.

2- Butler chocolate cafe

Butler’s oven baked Penne pasta, overflowing with cream and cheddar, presented with hot and zesty chicken and capsicum is an approach to win hearts of thousands. Include sweetness into your life in the wake of eating this delectable food with Butler’s enticing treats like Chocolate Lava Cake.


Penne pasta presented with the exceptionally delightful Chicken Parmesan merits attempting. Pasta fan can’t avoid themselves from having this dish at whatever point they visit this spot.


Ambrosia’s Seafood Cannelloni justifies itself with real evidence with regards to the position of authority of Best Pasta in K-Town. Cannelloni pasta presented with various fish like fish, crabs, prawns, and summer vegetables, beat with overwhelming red sauce and cheddar gives you a mouth-watering sight and a heavenly bite.

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