Source: A kidnapping scene from Darama Serial Damsa from Ary Digital
Source: A kidnapping scene from Darama Serial Damsa from Ary Digital

The dreariness of TV has been broken finally. Damsa, ARY’s most recent show composed by Asma Nabeel and coordinated by Najaf Bilgrami, addresses child abduction, dealing, and asking, subjects that are tremendously discussed, yet not investigated delicately enough on TV. The dramatization pursues the lives of a family that experience the ghastly experience of having their little girl kidnapped.

The family’s life transforms one day when Damsa is seized before her mom’s eyes. The loss is practically deplorable for Areeja, and her passionate battle starts to unfurl in the show. She won’t get down to business, or send Raheem to class, and goes through days and evenings attempting to concoct approaches to search for her daughter.

The revulsions their daughter should get going through keep the two alert around evening time.

Parallel to this story line, Musa’s manager Sohail, is indicated facing his very own tough conflict. He attempts to bring his daughter Saman, out of her downturn, which was the aftereffect of serious maltreatment on account of her parents in law, and the ongoing demise of her child.

Out of sight, Damsa’s adventure is demonstrated to be incredibly troublesome and brimming with injury. She is gone through different hands, while not exactly understanding what is befalling her and

the others with her. Being the minding older sibling that she will be, she attempts her best to ensure the children around her, yet isn’t met with a lot of progress.

‘Damsa’ investigates the troublesome point of kid kidnapping and asking with some profundity and sympathy. The show never lets the crowd overlook the way that the revulsions these children experience are real.

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