President IPP Abdul Aleem Khan announced a big package for the people
President IPP announced the provision of cheap electricity and petrol for people experiencing poverty, and the youth will get interest-free loans.

Economic Reforms and Employment Opportunities: After coming to power, Abdul Aleem Khan, the President of the Istehkam-e-Pakistan Party (IPP), unveiled a comprehensive economic package to transform the country’s fortunes. The plan includes measures to boost employment, address electricity disparities, and stimulate economic growth.

Vision for Energy Equality

Abdul Aleem Khan envisions a future where electricity is not just a commodity but a tool for social justice. His proposed policies include making electricity expensive for the wealthy while ensuring affordability for the underprivileged. Additionally, plans to provide free tubewell electricity for farmers underscore a commitment to agricultural sustainability.

Pledges for Social Development

Addressing the dire conditions in Kamonki, Abdul Aleem Khan outlined plans to transform the city into a model urban center. The promise of clean water, improved healthcare, and establishing a cardiology hospital demonstrates a dedication to holistic social development.

Critique of Previous Administrations

In a scathing critique of past governments, Abdul Aleem Khan highlighted the failures of leaders who made grand promises but failed to deliver. He emphasized the impact on citizens, particularly on rising electricity bills, and vowed to break the cycle of unfulfilled commitments.

 Accountability and Anti-Corruption Measures

Abdul Aleem Khan attributed the country’s challenges to a lack of honest leadership, pointing fingers at corrupt rulers who he believes have weakened the nation. His commitment to accountability includes addressing corruption at various levels, from local markets to government offices.

National Security and Trust in Institutions

The President of IPP emphasized the Pakistan Army’s crucial role in ensuring the country’s stability. He asserted that the army’s non-partisan approach protects the people, particularly women and daughters, contributing to the nation’s overall security.

Overcoming Disappointment and Fostering Hope

Abdul Aleem Khan urged citizens not to succumb to disappointment, labelling it as a sin. His message aimed to instil hope, particularly among the youth, emphasizing the abundant resources within the country that can be harnessed for the benefit of future generations.

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Future Policy Initiatives

Looking forward, Abdul Aleem Khan outlined specific policy initiatives, including free electricity for people with low incomes, salary increments for workers, interest-free loans for the youth, and the establishment of new industries to tackle unemployment. The emphasis on economicgrowth and export expansion reflects a vision for a prosperous and self-sufficient nation.

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