You can travel to China for Rs 60,000- Service will start on 13th May 2023.
The Bus Service starts from Eid al-Fitr—on 13th May 2023. source: propakistani

Travel to China for Rs 60,000-A private bus service in Pakistan has announced plans to operate its buses between Islamabad and Tashkurgan, a city in China’s Xinjiang region, starting from Eid al-Fitr. The move is expected to boost bilateral trade and tourism between the two countries. However, The bus service will operate on the Karakoram Highway, which connects Pakistan and China and is considered one of the highest-paved international roads in the world. The highway passes through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, including the Karakoram range and the Hindu Kush mountains.

Ties between Pakistan and China:

The decision to launch the bus service is seen as a significant step towards strengthening the ties between Pakistan and China, which have traditionally had close political and economic relations. However, the move is expected to boost bilateral trade and tourism and enhance people-to-people contact between the two countries.

Travel to China:

The bus service will not only provide an affordable mode of transportation for tourists and traders, but it will also be a source of employment for people in the region. The initiative will help to create job opportunities for locals and generate economic activity in the area. Moreover, the service will help promote cultural exchange between the two countries, allowing people to experience the rich cultural heritage of both Pakistan and China. Tourists will be able to explore the ancient Silk Road, which played a significant role in connecting China with the world.

The fare trip is estimated at Rs. 60,000:

A private company will manage the bus service using a mini-Utong bus that can accommodate 28 passengers. The entire trip will take about 38 hours, including the immigration process. Passengers will also need to spend one night at the Sost border. The fare for this trip is estimated to be Rs. 60,000, making it a reasonable choice for budget-conscious travelers.

Necessary travel documents:

As per the company’s representative, travelers must have an original passport and copy, a valid visa along with its copy, and an invitation to China to meet the essential travel prerequisites. However, these requirements emphasize the significance of arranging the necessary travel documents before starting the journey.

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