SOURCE: FACEBOOK.COM The Brutal Reality Of What Women Have To Face:
SOURCE: FACEBOOK.COM The Brutal Reality Of What Women Have To Face:

ARY’s Ruswai recounts to the terrible story of the headstrong Sameera who is stole and assaulted.

The show has an incredible cast. Sana Javed plays Sameera and Mikaal Zulfiqar plays her significant other, Salman. The supporting cast is additionally unimaginable, Osama Tahir as Sameera’s brother and Syed Mohammed Ahmed as her dad are especially notable.

We for the most part find out about Sameera’s life. She’s flourishing in her house job and has, for a long time, love Salman, her family companion. Despite the fact that her brother is nikkah-fied to Salman’s younger sister, Salman’s mom is still urgently attempting to prevent Salman and Sameera from winding up together.

There’s additionally an unusual side story of a dreadful new doctor at work, an older doctor whose just came back from abroad and has a positive gazing issue when Sameera is near.

Things rapidly swerve towards a lot heavier, darker territory. While out with her brother, his wife and her dad, Sameera is spotted by a gathering of folks who are left and savoring an enormous vehicle (flagging their situation as amazing, wealthy types). These folks snatch Sameera at gunpoint and crash away into the night.

Sameera’s brother and father go to the police headquarters where some truly unpleasant looking, sluggish cops requested to see an image of Sameera. Her dad level out won’t share photos of his daughter since he doesn’t confide in the cops nor does he needs his daughter’s picture to be communicated as some piece of clamorous and incapable media bazaar.

Sameera is found on a street by a road sweeper who brings her home. Her body and face are severely wounded and battered. She can scarcely stand and she’s at the same time quiet and delirious.

But, that being said we know that Ruswai drama will bring-in major details that will have a lot of us shedding tears of dukh.

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