The band launched a video for their original track ‘Deewar’ and it’s got a powerful message.

Xarb might not have won Pepsi Battle of the Bands in any season yet on the off chance that any band had the right to win and has the backbone to proceed, it is Xarb. They overwhelmed the judges with the front of The Sabri Brothers ‘Tashnagi’ and now the gathering with this mind blowing get up and go is back with a music video for ‘Deewar.’

And Xarb  needs  you to break boundaries in their new music video ‘Deewar.’

We just observe the outline of Qamar Parvi from the outset as he sings two or three lines before the camera dish to a young lady with a great deal of fog around as the drummer rises.

What’s more, before you know it, the entire band is on its full apparatus, playing the tune while the young lady is running towards something and a conceal man is likewise there.

As the wonderful tune goes on which requests that you tear down dividers including those that contract your sense of self, the young lady is encompassed by progressively conceal individuals however she has a goal she can see.

Part of the way through the tune, they hold her back yet she inevitably escapes their bazaar and runs as quick as she can towards her goal while the covered individuals, individually, remove their veils. We discover that they are for the most part ladies, aside from the first veiled man who is a man.

The veiled young ladies by one way or another grin and cheer for this bold young lady who runs towards her goal while the man isn’t delighted. At the point when she contacts her goal, it is an outright heaven. The music video is an incredible relationship for the general public we live in, the constrained misogyny and the individuals who rebel.

Composed and coordinated by Fazal Ahmed and Abdul Basit, this is one of the more grounded music recordings Pepsi has supported and with Xarb, expect the unforeseen.

And also, Whoop to the drummer for truly conveying however!

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