Growing up in desi families we must all have heard of some illogical and funny superstitions in which we always thought are real, but it’s “all in our head”.

Superstition has no specific definition but it means a belief in super natural forces such as fate.

You must have heard if a black cat cuts your way then it means that something bad is going to happen and you should change your path. Similarly, walking under a ladder is supposed to be bad luck. Spilling salt is known to be unlucky and if you spill it, then throw it on your left shoulder as well in order to overcome the unluckiness. Sweeping the dust out your home is unlucky, it is just as throwing money out of your house. If an owl hoots, it means someone is going to die. It is unlucky to open umbrella indoors, A broken mirror gives seven years of bad luck, touch the wood to avoid disappointment, hang a horse shoe open-up for good luck, number 13 in unlucky.

If you are superstitious then it means that you are going to avoid all these things in order to stay away from bad lucks.

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