PDM announces a long march against the PTI government on March 26
PDM to set out on long march towards Islamabad on March 26 source: dawn.com

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) an association of almost all significant opposition groups, declared it will arrange a long march against the PTI government on March 26 towards Islamabad. He also added rallies from everywhere the nation will walk towards Islamabad on March 26.

When asked about the term of the long march, PDM heads declined to uncover it saying, wait for it to know how long the protest will last. But said its goal was to free the country of an illegal and unprofessional government and get back to it the vote that was taken from it.

PDM challenge senate decisions together

PDM chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman said the PDM had concluded that “we will contest the Senate elections jointly; there will be a joint strategy for it and we will not compete against each other. We will field joint candidates.”

The PDM additionally dismissed the proposed constitutional amendment introduced by the government for open casting vote in the Senate polls, Rehman reported, as the opposition has confidence in a comprehensive bundle for electoral changes.

The PTI doesn’t believe in its individuals and the PTI authority needs some unfortunate individuals to become representatives for whom their individuals are not prepared to cast a vote.

PDM stand with the common man due to high prices

The JUI-F chief said the PDM parties had chosen to stand side by side with the average person against the rulers, whom he considered answerable for a high rise in the costs of electricity, gas, petroleum, and food things.

Foreign funding case

The PDM chief said that in the foreign funding case against the PTI, 23 records were brought to consideration, but 18 are being covered up. He added, the discussion of an open inquiry of the matter was only a drama and has no standing.

Fazlur Rehman said this is the reason he (Imran Khan) can presently don’t be named ‘honest’ and ‘trustworthy’ and his administration should be stated illegal and justice demands a brief decision in such manner, else it is the murder of justice.

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