Tamanna, a story of marrying out of social class often becomes everyone’s problem.

The drama serial is written by Irfan Ahmed Shams, directed by Irfan Aslam, Produced by Farhan Qaiser & Mukhtar Ahmed and Executive Producers are Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi.

The cast includes Nosheen Ibrahim As Tamanna, Sabiha Hashimi As Maghbool Bibi, Shabbir Jan As Abbas, Marium Mirza As Zubaida, Muhammad Osama As Umar, Dania Anwer As Dania, Rashid Farooqi As Khalid, Laila Wasti As Zakiya, Mukhtar Ahmed As Shariyar, Aiman Khan As Aiman, Parveen Somro As Rashida, Javaria Abbasi As Sabiha, Haroon Shahid As Haroon, Sobia Faisal As Zubi, Adeel Abbas As Qasim, Usman As Bilal and Shahid As Wakeel

Tamanna, a youthful and kind girl whose mother had married a man who was the child of a shoemaker.

However love can cross class limits, the drama serial revolved around Tamanna’s life who after to losing both her parents is left very alone to experience unlimited insults on account of her motherly family members for a decision her mom had made quite a while back.

Tamanna’s uncles make her to move into a similar house where talking about her mom had been banned for quite a long time. Even with the fact that her grandma doesn’t have the idea how to manage the anger she felt towards Tamanna’s mom, she lets Tamanna move in with them.

Although, Tamanna is treated as a disrespect to the family the second she goes into the house. However some family members will in general be tolerating of her presence in the house, the dishonor she gets from rest of the family is sufficient to make her life hopeless.

Haroon Shahid highlights as Tamanna’s supporter who is attracted to her from the first bond. His hopelessness transforms into disobedience to bring her into his life, however just makes it hard for Tamanna to continue her place in the family.

There are a lot more twists will Tamanna ever have the option to recover the respect of her parents? Also, in the wake of cutting all the links with her own daughter, will Bibi acknowledge her granddaughter by heart?

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