Sanam Chaudhry -Biography, Age, Family, Education, and Dramas.
Sanam Chaudhry is a multi-talented star in the Show biz Industry.

The multi-talented star Sanam Chaudhry was born on 27th August 1991. After completing high school, she obtained her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Central Punjab, and soon after graduating, she joined the Pakistani media industry. Sanam is the sister of Zeb Chaudhry. However, she is also a Pakistani actress and model.

Age of Sanam Chaudhry:

Sanam Chaudhry was born on 27th August 1991. She is 32 years old.


Sanam Chaudhry has not revealed much about her family, which is the only known fact that her family is from Lahore. However, she has been part of the industry after following in the footsteps of her sister Zeb Chaudhry, an actress.


Sanam Chaudhry graduated from the University of Central Punjab, whereas She did her degree in philosophy

Drama List

  • Meer abru
  • Haiwan
  • Ab dekh khuda kia karta hy
  • Ru baru ishq tha
  • Ghar titli ka par
  • Wo ishq tha shayed
  • Inteha
  • Nikkah
  • Khata
  • Gar man reh gaye
  • Apni kahani kesay kahain
  • Choti
  • Mere meherban
  • Aasmano pe likha
  • Ishq hamari galiyon mei

Sanam Chaudhary Movies:

She debuted in the 2018 romantic Lollywood comedy film Ishq 2020, starring Mariam Ansari, Riley Reid, India Summers, Muneeb Butt, and Furqan Qureshi as the lead roles.

  • Ishq 2020
  • Jackpot

Why Sanam Chaudhary Left the Industry And Reverted To Islam!

Sanam Chaudhry said goodbye to her job for the most important reason, which made her leave behind the fame, money, and everything else. She left her work while she had major projects in her hands. Allah Almighty has chosen this wonderful lady to be the right path, leading to lasting peace and prosperity. Recently the former actor, Sanam Chaudary, took to her Instagram manage to share her journey that changed her lifestyle to the core. In a live video, she started with Hadith and said it was very close to her heart. She said that she was lucky to get everything she wanted, but after that, there was a gap in her life, and she did not understand how to overcome it.

She first thought that being a working woman could result from staying home after marriage and decided to do some projects that would eventually help her find the peace she wanted. Then her soul met the idea of ​​death that lost her life to return to Islam. She said that thinking you would leave this materialistic place made her feel about her Aakhirat.

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