Sheikh Rasheed: Pakistan to suspend mobile phone services on Chehlum.
Mobile services across Pakistan will remain suspended on Chehlum September 27, 2021

At a press conference in Islamabad, Sheikh Rasheed said the government had decided to deploy armed forces in the provinces, according to their need, to secure the Chehlum protests. In major cities such as Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, and Islamabad, security will tighten tourist routes.

Lal Masjid

“One of these madrassas [Jamia Hafsa] always gives us a problem,” Sheikh Rasheed said. There are 511 madrassas and 1,000 mosques in Islamabad. City officials and the police, and other security forces are in contact with them. The minister was referring to an incident last week when The Taliban flag was hoisted on the roof of Jamia Hafsa, a school for women academy near Lal Masjid. The govt is looking forward to staying in talks and negotiations to resolve the issue, and here is our plan.

Withdrawal of New Zealand

The minister said New Zealand’s last-minute withdrawal from the Pakistan Tour: The news has upset fans, but the day will come when all the international teams will play in Pakistan.“The officer deployed was the highest in the country. People who blame the government for this should know that the cabinet provided New Zealand security for the first time. Pakistan doesn’t need to know anything from anyone, and our structures are the best in the world.

Passports and CNICs

People who did not leave Pakistan or after their visas expired were given a deadline to leave on October 30. Similarly, It gave those with a CNIC or two passports the option to choose one and discard the other by the end of October.

Pakistan, Afghanistan, and regional peace

“Pakistan has displaced 16,000 people from Afghanistan so far,” Rasheed said. “Peace in the neighboring country is directly related to Pakistan.” Prime Minister Imran Khan has always stressed the need for social assistance in a war-torn country. “We have made it clear that we want a unity government in Afghanistan but Pakistan and will not set up refugee camps,” the minister said.

He also added that India has been spreading propaganda against Pakistan. “India wants to blame us for its failure in Afghanistan, but we want good relations with the rest of the country.”

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