Calling up the ‘disturbing’ and ‘horrifying’ memories of the Srebrenica deliberate killing where 8,000 Muslims were killed 25 years back, Prime Minister Imran Khan approached the world network to pay attention and stop the repeat of a comparable deliberate killing in India-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He stated, “I remember the day well indeed. I remember when it occurred. Alongside a great many people who have sentiments of humanity, we were disturbed. We were shocked that how in what was a secure shelter of the United Nations peacekeeping force, how in a secure place, this deliberate killing was authorized to happen.”

Although the killings, in excess of 20,000 civilians were removed from the region. The deliberate killing is named the most exceedingly terrible scene of mass murder in Europe since World War II.

The prime minister said 800,000 Indian soldiers have assaulted 8,000,000 individuals of Kashmir.

The prime minister Imran Khan stated “And, we as a whole scare that a comparative kind of deliberate killing may follow there. The world network must pay attention and never authorized such acts to occur again.”

He likewise passed on his greetings and all the best to the individuals of Bosnia, from the individuals of Pakistan.

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