Bulbulay Nabeel Mehmood Aslam, Bulbulay begun as a humble start in 2009 as Nabeel and Mehmood Aslam starrer drama originally came out, very few, counting the group behind would have expected the success this show will get in the coming years.

The drama show Bulbulay that is well known for its famous dialogues like ‘Shut up Nabeel’ and ‘Chupayy’ in Momo’s voice has won so many hearts.

The show go around a group of four free spirit individuals, Momo as Hina Dilpazir, Mehmood Sahab as Mehmood Aslam, Nabeel and Khoobsurat as Ayesha Omar. Momo is the mother of Nabeel, who is jobless and Khoobsurat’s husband, while Mehmood Sahab is Momo’s second husband. The house is upheld by Khoobsurat’s rich dad. Each scene the family unit experiences amazing crazy situations and arises with mad solutions to get out of it.

Bulbulay Nabeel Mehmood Aslam,

It is 30 minutes of unlimited laughter and crazy comedy. The song is catchy and the on-screen characters are splendid, with fantastic expressions and perfect dialogue delivery. Hina Dilpazir, as Momo, is the most funniest and fascinating characters of the show. She has a terrible memory and frequently forgets names of her family members.  Even with that, she teases and frightens her husband, Mehmood Sahab. Another couple, Khoobsurat and Nabeel, is similarly as fascinating. Although, the wife is ruling and she has valid justification, as her dad runs the house.

After a lot of success Bulbulay is back with the whole new season of Bulbulay 2.

The speculation of the show moving to BOL Entertainment started in late October when BOL Entertainment uploaded exclusively behind the scenes of a television show featuring Ayesha Omer.

Even though the channel did not reveal the name of the show, the way Ayesha Omer was dressed and the set of the show easily made the fans guess that it was indeed behind the scene pictures from Bulbulay’s set

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