PM Imran Khan said the government’s top priority is to save the people from dying of hunger.

PM Imran Khan on Tuesday said the administration’s first need is to save the individuals from dying of lack of food during the coronavirus outbreak.

He said not at all like the most richest nations, including the United States and European states, which had been battling to save their economies from the destructive effect of coronavirus, his administration confronted an extraordinary challenge of saving the poor from dying of craving.

The chief encouraged the individuals to perform strict rituals, including the five-time prayers and Taraweeh prayers, at home during the forthcoming holy month of Ramazan to control the spread of coronavirus.

He said, worshippers must stick to 20 conditions in the event that they want to go to mosques.

“God restrict in the event that coronavirus spreads in mosques, at that point we need to make a move and close mosques,” the prime minister alerted, saying a 20-point activity plan has been settled upon with ulema to agree the devoted to offer gathering prayers in mosques during Ramazan.

He also addressed, ramazan is a month of love, and individuals need to go to mosques. Would it be a good idea for us to strongly advise them not to go to mosques? Will police put admirers in prison, on the off chance that they demand going.

He regretted that the opposition is attempting to make the tiger power unreliable, which he said was set up for the improvement of residents.

Prime minister Imran Khan said the whole country is against the coronavirus that doesn’t separate between poor people and the rich.

He said the administration is taking measures to bring back Pakistanis stranded in different nations because of lockdowns.

The prime minister protected the administration’s choice to facilitate the lockdown limitations in the nation, saying nations like Spain and Italy are loosening up limitations regardless of high death rate from COVID-19 there.

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