Mohabbat Tujhe Alvida, Ulfat is forcing Shahaan to marry just to become rich.
Ulfaat is forcing Shahaan to marry : SOURCE: OYEYEAH.COM

Ulfaat is constant that Shahaan ought to wed Shafaq, not understanding that he is agreed with it or not. Money has blinded her to such an extent that she is currently not prepared to step back. Her jealous and selfish friend uncovers her plan to her mother in law, her helpless mother in law is so stressed when she hears Ulfaat’s senseless plan.

While Shafaq then again is playing her cards cleverly, when Shahaan shares her problem with her that Ulfat wants me to marry with you, she acted like she is so shocked and asked Shahaan to leave but deep inside she is so happy.

Ulfat takes Shahaan’s proposal for Shafaq and asks her hand from her dad yet he doesn’t agreed with this proposal, he says to Shafaq that how might she settle on a married man who is likewise the dad of a child, Shafaq is feeling guilty over it because of her dad’s words.

Shahaan is constant that regardless of what happens he won’t wed Shafaq at any cost. He only loves Ulfat and he cannot give her place to anyone else. Ulfaat has even convinced her mother in law to convince Shahaan to wed Shafaq.

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