Twisted Sapnay comedy movie ,Features and Details
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‘Twisted Sapnay 16 minutes long comedy film

Pakistan’s digital media industry is rapidly developing and bringing us new content every day, quicker than traditional film creators can handle. Karachi-based creation house Elements Media’s most recent launch is the 16-minute-long comedy film ‘Twisted Sapnay.’

The cast of the film

The film features Faizan Khawaja, who recently featured in Hum TV’s show Ki Jana Main Kaun, Zubab Rana, Seventh Sky Entertainment’s drama serial Fitrat, Sonia Nazir of Mor Mahal, and Maryam Fatima.

And The star of ARY’s Kab Mere Kehlaoge.

Writer, executor & director

Zeeshan Hasan composes the film, and with Dr. Akbar Yezdani filling in as the executive maker, the movie is additionally Khawaja’s directorial launch.

Storyline of the film

The story of the twisted sapnay is about dreams. Dreams inside plans, without going full well-known with it. The film begins with Khawaja and Nazir’s shot; they are appeared as a couple, sleeping in their room. He awakens to a strange call, receiving his phone, and in the wake of answering a reply with a cunning smile, he escapes the room and rushes to go to a visitor holding up outside.

When he opens the door, he watched that his girlfriend is standing interestingly against the door. Fatima’s character and the two are portraying as be having an affair. Khawaja’s wife awakens and walks in on them, and this is where the cycle of waking up and non-stop dreams begins.

Twisted Sapnay is a decent attempt at suspicious comedy. It’s not the most significant thing made out of a Freudian story, nor is it the newest take; however, it’s a nice watch and something interesting for Pakistani crowds.

The set of the film gives a luxurious feel

Twisted Sapnay looks incredibly significant. Irfan Mirza, filling in as the head of photography for the whole project, has done an up-with-the-times search for the film. The frames are colored well and cool. The set is all about fascination, with a beautiful hall brightened in dim and low color tones, giving a luxurious feel.

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