Uncle Sargam, The Famous Puppeteer of Pakistan Passed away at 75
On Friday, Farooq Qaiser Died Due To Cardiac Arrest source: dawn.com

The popular Puppeteer, Uncle Sargam died in Islamabad:

Farooq Qaiser, known as Uncle Sargam died due to cardiac arrest in Islamabad. He was suffering from a heart ailment for quite some time, said Hasnain Qaiser Iqbal, the Grandson of Farooq Qaiser. “On Friday, the ambulance takes him to the hospital as his situation becomes worse but he couldn’t survive”. The Grandson added. He has three children, two daughters and a son. Professionally, he was an amazing director, puppeteer, script-writer, columnist and as well as fabulous voice artist. Moreover, he also wrote plenty of books and provided educational service in India.

Unique and innovative character :

His unique and innovative character gains a massive response from the Pakistanis as he uses his voice for his puppet. From his character of uncle Sargam, Qaiser secures a separate place in the hearts of Pakistanis.

Furthermore, PTV broadcast Uncle Sargam for the first time on the television screen in 1976. The show was created, especially for the amusement of kids. The name of the show was Kaliyan. Besides uncle Sargam, another famous character was Masi Museebaty. This character also achieved a huge milestone over years.

PM Khan Condolence over the loss of Uncle Sargam:

Prime Minister Imran Khan also expressed his condolences over the loss of Farooq Qaiser. In his tweet, he says, “Besides his phenomenal performance as a puppeteer, he was also a great person who aware his audience about social injustice”.

In this regard, Fawad Chaudhary, Federal Minister also says that the character of Uncle Sargam revived the “centuries-old portrayed Putli Tamasha”.

Furthermore, Maryam Nawaz, the Wise-President of PML-N also says that Farooq Qaiser would be missed for spreading smiles and laughter among the audience.

Also, Sheikh Rasheed, the interior minister expresses his grief and sorrows for this huge loss. He says that Qaiser was a brilliant writer and artist. He has the ability to highlight the social issues with humour and laughter.

In addition, the leader of PML-N, Ahsan Iqbal also expressed his condolences on the demise of the legendary artist.

This is what Shafqat Mehmood Says in his tweet about the demise of Farooq Qaiser.

Wrapping Up:

Thank you, Uncle Sargam, for making our childhood full of laughter and amusement. Soon after the demise of Farooq Qaiser, many public figures and the political community expressed their grief and sorrows. He was a legendary artist. No Offence, he is a great loss for Pakistan as well.

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