Imran Khan Announces Zero Tax Policy for Registered Freelancers.
The launch ceremony of the National E-Tijarat Portal in Islamabad. source:

PM said registered freelancers would pay zero tax on their income. He Spoke at the e-commerce portal launch. Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that his government will exempt registered freelancers from all forms of taxation. However, at the e-commerce portal launch, he said registered freelancers would not pay taxes on their salaries. (zero tax policy) Moreover, he said his government was taking urgent steps to remove IT sector barriers and facilitate the youth. “IT sector is driven by youth. All these tech company owners became billionaires by the age of 20”.

Bill Gates recent Visit:

Moreover, he said the government intends to deploy IT for $ 50b in the next few years. Over the past two years, IT deployments have reached nearly $ 4b. He said that freelancing would give women working freely to work from home. Moreover, commenting on a recent visit by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, PM Khan said he was invited to eradicate polio in Pakistan. However, my passion was to get him involved in Pakistan’s IT sector, even if he was in a position to advise. Furthermore, He also promised good news about this soon.

Freelancers’ registration portal :

In September 2021, the IT service launched an online registration site for freelancers. A World Bank report released in September 2021 said that about 42.4% of independent individuals in Pakistan were associated with software development – higher than in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

More Details:

The report said that computers and information services went to the United States, followed by 8.8% in the United Arab Emirates and 7% in the United Kingdom. As per the report, Pakistan has 4,641 IT companies and 4,066 call centers. moreover, Pakistan’s ICT exports have grown at an average growth rate of 10.8% per annum, rising from $ 433 million in the 2009-10 financial year to more than $ 1 billion in 2018-19 – with more than half (52%) telecommunications of Pakistan.

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