A lot of people like me must love travelling more than anything else. But it’s not always possible to keep on moving to different places without any pause as we need to take care of our houses, and booking hotel rooms that costs the most in our entire tourism.

So I really liked the idea of owning an RV and travelling to wherever we want. However, this RV thing is not so much common in Pakistan but it can be a great source of entertainment if it started here, as in almost most cities in our country has something special about itself which divides them between each other.

It is very common in America. There are almost 9,000,000 households in America living on RV instead of a house, whether the owners have pets or children, they enjoy every bit of their life.

It is true that not everyone can travel all the time, plus it’s hard to manage, but people who take this decision on their own are seen to be happier than living in a house with garage.

It is not necessary that people who have less money only they live on wheels. Although, it’s true that it’s very cheap living in a RV but not everyone has the same problem as one.

I really wish for this trend to start in Pakistan!

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