SOURCE: REVIEWIT.PK ‘Ye dil mera’ a mysterious love story

Ye Dil Mera is composed by Farhat Ishtiyaq, coordinated by Ahsan Talish and created by MD Productions. Ye Dil Mera is a story of affection and hatred, which has been set in a sort of puzzle and thriller.

Meer Farooq Zaman’s (Adnan Siddique) whole life spins around his little daughter Noor ul Ain Zaman/Ana (Sajal Aly). Being a single kid, she has been spoiled for her entire life and her dad has ensured that she never needs to confront any hardships. Ana lost her mom when she was 5 years of age and from that point onward, Meer Farooq has been additional mindful in managing his daughter. Ana experiences nervousness, she cannot rest appropriately for quite a long time, and she feels her bad dreams are essentially hinting of some hopeless involvement with her life. Ana’s dad needs her to show signs of improvement yet all alone terms. Ana likewise visits a Dr. Arsalan (Mohammad Ahmed). The other two notable individuals in Meer Farooq and Ana’s lives are Nargis Bua (Naima Khan) and Ali Baksh (Paras Masroor). Nargis Bua is Ana’s tutor however she is increasingly similar to a mother figure to her. Ali Baksh happens to be Meer Farooq’s right hand

Amaanullah Khan (Ahad Raza Mir) is a orphan who has constructed a business empire at a youthful age. He extended his business by contributing the money that he acquired from his uncle who died. Amaanullah loses his dad, mother and sister when he was 11 years of age. The individual liable for the murder of Amaanullah’s whole family happens to be Meer Farooq.

It is the sort of show that makes you predict each and every scene without fail. ‘Ye Dil Mera’ is holding and it has the sort of story that keeps you imagining about what is yet to come. This factor of anxiety and excitement, when done right ends up being the greatest quality of the show.

It was splendidly executed that Amaan, who was so careful with his plans, was not simply catching individuals around Meer Farooq incidentally. He had arranged it from the beginning and now with his arrangements being uncovered gradually and consistently, when you return and investigate, you can absolutely observe each and every feeling being noticeable in Amaan’s manners.

This show certainly is a brilliant bit of work. The executive has handled the maximum capacity of all the actors to describe these characters. Farhat Isthiyaq has most likely composed a splendid drama.

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