Up to 26 innocent civilians have been killed in Israel’s airstrikes within 2 days. Israel, as always, has played victim. Being the one with the higher military power, the better fencing, the more occupied land area, the backing of the United States, one would assume that Israel would stop playing the victim card already. But on the contrary, Israel sees itself as a hero.

But again, Israel wouldn’t have had this much leverage, had the Western Media been a little less hypocritical than it is. There’s an obvious bias when it comes to their coverage of Israel’s atrocities, war crimes, and violations of UNO’s rules and regulations. They always try to portray Israel in a positive way. One major example is how they report casualties of Israeli forces as “killed”, and of Palestinian people as “died”. Where the words do seem interchangeable, they definitely give off two completely different perspectives.

Israel has been committing war crimes for decades now. But the bigger issue, is the unconditional support of the US and the Western Media to Israel, on its wrong doings. Never has a US government condemned the actions of Israel. It’s as if, they’re puppets of the Israeli government, that can’t function without orders from a Zionist lobby.

God bless Palestine. God Bless Gaza.

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