India refused to consular approach to Jadhav and pulling Pakistan back to ICJ.

Foreign Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Friday cautioned against falling into the trick set by India with which it looks to drag Pakistan back to the International Court of Justice.

FM Qureshi said that there are numerous problems of national importance on which politics ought not be played, considering as a real part of them Pakistan’s placement on the Financial Action Task Force Grey List, the Kashmir issue, and the matter of consular issuance to Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav.

The FM was referring to the constant to the consistent flood of criticism by Opposition parties inquiring Pakistan’s choices in the global field, particularly over the twin issues of Kashmir and Jadhav which relate to relations with India.

He said that India went to ICJ and failed there in making sure about Jadhav’s release and his re-visitation of his nation.

We were approached to give consular approach to Jadhav. We have respected that responsibility and have made numerous proposals to India for the same.

FM Quereshi stated, at whatever point we make the offer, they discover some reason or the other.

FM said, “They don’t wish to benefit it since they wish to drag us back to ICJ”.

We need to close every entryway and window that would drag us back to ICJ, FM Qureshi fearlessly said.

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