Training women in villages for the protection of other women in disasters.
Villagers trained to protect themselves from disasters: source:

Shamim Bano

Training women Shamim Bano is a middle school teacher. She has currently got back after two weeks from Kabul where she trained Afghan ladies to do search and rescue work. The teachings include climbing mountains and gorge with ropes and harnesses, utilizing zip lines, and rappelling. 

Bano lives in Pakistan’s northernmost area of Gilgit-Baltistan, where three of the world’s most impressive mountain ranges merge the Hindu Kush, the Karakoram Range, and the Himalayas.

Men found it challenging to save purdah women during disasters

As a young Bano was upset by purdah coming in the method of rescue. She said that frequently men found it difficult to save purdah ladies during a disaster, leaving them to die. In 2008, she held onto the opportunity to turn into a search and rescue volunteer. A mentor herself, she keeps on participating in a month to month to upgrade her abilities.

Bibi Nusrat

On the other hand, Bibi Nusrat, a 40-year old medical caretaker from Karimabad, said that devoted groups of women volunteers are an essential part of working with communities in productive and effective ways are trained together. She has worked as a CBDRM training officer in AKAH-P’s Chitral office since 2000. She visits those places suffering from a disaster where she prepares communities for securing themselves.

Like Shamim Bano, Nusrat said that I think it is essential for women to be in a rescue group as men of the families may not generally be there at the hour of disaster. Remembering social understanding and purdah is very important to the neighborhood individuals.

Villagers training 

Moreover, Nusrat explained the villager’s training; we teach them about snow-slides, their types, and seasons and how to secure themselves if there should be an occurrence of such an incident. After complete historical information of that town, a shifting plan set apart with a protected route to utilize and arrive at a protected shelter containing tents, food, and medicines.

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