Fawad Chaudry criticized PTI for hanging and burning the rapists alive.

Science and Technology’s Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry featured that hanging and burning the rapists alive from PTI’s noticeable leaders was the reflection of society’s brutal thinking.

The orders from the majority of burning them alive and hanging can be normal.

Yet, our ministers and the educated class, without hesitation calling for the same is a reflection of the society’s cruel thinking that considers violence to be the answer for each issue.

Fawad Chaudhry tweeted after two individuals from PTI, Senator Faisal Javed and Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda commanded strict punishment for the criminals engaged with the motorway attack case and murder of 5-year-old Marwah in Karachi.

Vawda, said, after meeting Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday, stated, I have recommended that if the champions of human rights’ are disturbed by the public execution of these beasts, at that point, a law of alter ought to be passed for these crimes.

He included, all things considered, this involves honor and respect of this nation and of all our moms, sisters, and daughters.

Then, Senator Javed, naming the rapists as animals, called for strict punishments to be given to them.

He said, rapists, child abusers are not human beings, including these animals commit terrible cruelty hence they deserve strict punishment.

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