Helping Underprivileged - Government’s Prime Responsibility- PM Khan
Helping underprivileged - No one in PAKISTAN goes to bed with an empty stomach. source:

News From Islamabad – Helping underprivileged – Ehsas

A helping underprivileged alleviation plan of Pakistan (Ehsas) is ready to remove the country’s poverty. If this plan becomes successful in the country, massive progress in the country’s economy is the result for sure.

On Monday, while releasing the policy documents, Prime Minister Imran Khan says that this program specially arranges for the impoverished society, including the homeless, widows, orphans, infirm people, or those facing extreme medical hardships. In the beginning, this program takes to start in Lahore, Peshawar, and Faisalabad.

“The areas with the highest reach of Poverty can now get the meal on wheels.”

This program includes the serving of free meal boxes to the laborers of those who earn daily. The people get their food boxes through the food vans. The routes of these food vans are fixed.

“Every day, these vans reach their respective routes, and the labor can go there to grab their meal boxes,” Imran Khan Further elaborate.

PM Imran Khan talking to media- Helping Underprivileged by Ehsaas:

Primes minister says while addressing the media, “this Ehsaas program starts in Islamabad at first. To review its impact and outcomes on the underprivileged society. If it goes well, then we intend to expand this program all over Pakistan”. PM further says that people should know that it is the responsibility of the country’s government to take of the people and facilitate them with all the requirements.

When government takes the responsibility of helping the Underprivileged, the nation blooms!

Saylani Welfare Trust’s Cooperation


The Saylani Welfare join hands with the government of Pakistan. They are helping the underprivileged by providing meal-loaded trucks daily. “Pakistan is among those states where people are always ready to donate the maximum,” PM appreciates. Moreover, a universal health insurance program is introducing in the country. They intend to do the medical treatments for the poor for free. To sum up, the Prime minister requests the public to donate as much as they can. Because of their participation, people can obliterate poverty, and no one sleeps empty stomach.

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