Individuals celebrated Sindhi Cutural Day across province.
Cultural Day : SOURCE: GEO.TV

Individuals from varying backgrounds, be it the children or the older, be it men, women or children, all gathered onto the roads and in huge open spaces on Sunday across Sindh to show solidarity and to celebrate Sindhi Culture Day.

The topi and ajrak are the signs of Sindhi culture. The ajrak portrays a blockprint design that goes back great many years old and the topi features the craftsmanship that the region has been famous for.

Huge, happy gathering in disobedience of all coronavirus protocols were held in enormous towns and small over the province.

Crowd of joyful individuals wearing customary Sindhi dresses, for example, the Sindhi topi (cap) and ajrak (shawl) posed for photos together, danced to folk

music and sung melodies to respect the rich Sindhi legacy, viewed as one of the most oldest in the region.

Every year on the first Sunday of December the Sindh Cultural Day is celebrated all over Sindh. Practically all the patriot, political groups, social, civil, and different associations on the day took out rallies from different parts of the region to remember the day.

Many politicians, in a message said, Sindh had incredible love and enthusiasm for its way of life. Sindh has a 5,000 years of age culture which was a festival in itself adding that Sindh has consistently been a cultural center point of human progress and has a rich legacy.

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