Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

YouTube needs to be fixed? YouTubers would rather prefer, that it wasn’t. Apparently, USA, the country of YouTube’s origin, has decided that YouTube needs to implement a number of new regulations in order to make it more safe for young audiences. These new rules and regulations are to be implemented under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (or COPPA).

As a parent, or even generally as an adult, one wouldn’t mind if something irritable is being done for a greater good of the younger generations. The internet is free to use, and accessible by anyone. There’s all kinds of content and people there, that could be harmful for a child mentally or otherwise. Therefore, most people would always prefer that the safer the access for children, the better.

However, YouTubers see this as another catastrophe. After “Apocalypse”, this might be the first time everyone on YouTube is just freaking out so much about something. They’re concerned that all content creators will be affected negatively, and ads will be removed from their channels on the off chance that they’re “targeted towards kids”. While YouTube claims it’s all for the better, apparently most content creators disagree.

How will the impact be exactly? Only time will tell.

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