Source: Wide side, Pakistani youtubers and Vloggers
Source: Wide side, Pakistani youtubers and Vloggers in bus towards Kartarpur Corridor

About 2 weeks ago, Pakistan officially opened the Kartarpur Corridor for Sikh pilgrims. This was indeed a historic step by Prime Minister Khan. Around the same time, the Babri Masjid in India was ordered to be demolished, so that it could be replaced by a Hindu temple. Shows which country just claims to be “secular” and “tolerant” for all people, and which one actually delivers.

Many Sikh Pilgrims have been coming from across the border, with the biggest smiles one can imagine. This was a huge deal for them. Proud moment for Pakistan. There was a lot of media coverage of the event, and celebrities and politicians from across the border also attended the event. However, in order to promote religious tolerance even more, the modern form of media was required.

This was of course, social media. And how better to promote something on social media, than by big content creators. So, that’s just what PTI’s social media team did. They invited a whole bunch of big social media entertainers and influencers, to visit the Corrdior and make vlogs about their experience and share it with a much bigger audience than news channels ever could. People from Karachi Vynz, The Wide Side, Pardesi Squad, Mansaals, Lolz Studios, and other big teams were a part of the trip. This is also to show the true side of the story, to stop people from having settle for a mindset portrayed by the absolute garbage reporting of the Indian news media.

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