Ghar Jamai, a story filled up with crazy comedy.

The drama serial is directed by Rana Rizwan and written by Khurram Abbas.

The cast includes Shagufta Ejaz, Shehroz Sabzwari, Namrah Shahid and Zuhab Khan.

Iqtedaar Ali (Akki) as Shahroz Subzwari has a Masters in Zoology, yet would never get a new line of work. Possibly he didn’t make enough of an effort. He was helpless that he lives with his friend and does nothing.

Akki was lucky enough that Warda fall in love with him. Warda’s mom accepts to their marriage just if Akki is prepared to turn into a ‘Ghar Jamai’.

He is now married to Warda for money that he accepts the demand of Ghar Jamai as well. Presently he is a house servant and he is happily accepts his position and does all the house work alone for his wife other and other family members. In short he is running the house.

Firdous Kamal as Shagufta Ejaz, is Warda’s mom. She is a caring mother to her children, however an evil mother in law to Akki. She leaves no possibility to make his life like a hell. She is pleasant to Warda as she earns 4 lakhs rupees for each month. She is a side changer since when she feels pleasant to Akki, she will agree with him and bother Sweet.

Warda as Namrah Shahid loves Akki however in some cases she sides up with her mom and brother to torture Akki.

Sweet as Zuhab Khan is the younger brother of Warda. He isn’t sweet as his name. He loves gossips. Sweet continually considering ways with his mom against Akki, and they consider better approaches to torture him so he would leave the house forever.

The drama theme keeps changing with some interesting and crazy episodes.

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