Ali Hamza boosts women to hold their heads high in “Sar Buland.”
Ali Hamzas latest song ‘Sar Buland’ source:

Ali Hamza is back:

Ali Hamza, Later the fabulously memorable, even if very short, ‘Karachi is Love’ and the beautiful ‘Maare Kakya,’ and that was publicized shortly after the Covid-lockdown was placed on us, Ali Hamza is back with another single– ‘Sar Buland’

Again, it feels like Ali Hamza has to find his musical voice. Independent from his pop-rock origin, the band, he set up with his brother, Noori, and his other concerts with his brother Ali Noor.

This song aims for women to hold their heads high and succeed in their full perspective.

Women Peace and Security:

According to the ranking of the Women Peace and Security Index, in 2017. Pakistan rated 4th least country for women, out of 153 countries 

It is rated for women’s insurance, authority, and incorporation.

Pakistan replete 150th position, get the highest favoritism against women, and minimum financial formation when related to the world.

The problem is not that we are anyhow declining at what we are cope,

to obtain when it comes to women’s rights, concerted rejection a divine than though society has to offer. With extensive pleasure in our traditions and primitive nations that withhold women from carrying out their life goals, we perceive pride when we lessen women to the kitchen. “That is what they are supposed to do. Where they are supposed to be. It is just the way God made them. Inherently and naturally,”

honor in the success of our women:

Ali Hamza’s song ‘Buland’ talks about taking the honor in our girl’s and women’s success,

how their achievement is the community and society’s success.  For deep too long, have women been believed back in Pakistan? It’s time to let them be free to perform.

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