Signal Will Get These Features from WhatsApp Soon
Signal introduced the same features as WhatsApp: source:

Signal has experienced a flood of new clients since WhatsApp declared a new security policy as many people were not comfortable with the new WhatsApp policy. Several WhatsApp clients, in any case, chosen to shift to various applications like Telegram and Signal, that utilizes a similar start to finish encryption protocol applied in WhatsApp. The new messaging platform has experienced a particularly huge flood that the service was not available a week ago.

The Signal team realizes that there are numerous installations from WhatsApp clients, so the group has as of late presented new features that exactly look like WhatsApp.

Recently, Signal got a lot of downloads from WhatsApp users:

Recently,the new features which would be roll out soon:

Chat wallpaper

It has presented a new feature that permits clients to choose 21 chat wallpaper or to upload any customize wallpaper of their choice and now it has introduced a dark theme that will bring a low brightness experience.

Customize status

It has presented a similar feature like WhatsApp that offers a component to set a custom ‘around’, a status accessible on the contact information page. It allows a client to set a customized message for their contacts.

Group calls

The new messaging platform restricted group call to 5 members but now it has changed the limit point to 8 members, like WhatsApp.

Animated stickers

It also offers to make animated stickers from the Signal Desktop application, authorizing those stickers to share with your friends and family.

Group invitation link

It offers to make a shareable group invite link, to welcome other Signal clients to your gatherings.

All these highlights are in a real sense duplicated from WhatsApp. Maybe Signal beta has chosen to actualize similar features, so new clients won’t be uneasy about changing to Signal.

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