Rohail Hyatt is Officially stepping out from Coke Studio.
Xulfi will produce Coke Studio: Source:

Rohail Hyatt confirmed him stepping down from Coke Studio as its producer.

Music expert Rohail Hyatt officially stepping out from Coke Studio as its producer and may not create the show any longer. The previous Vital Signs band-mate reported his exit on Twitter while reacting to a question presented by a fan.

This rumor was overflowing with Rohail Hayatt being related with it in a less immediate limit. As Strings reports to split their 33 years of the band, fans are currently guessing who will presently manage everything at Coke Studio.

Strong competitor

Aside from Ali Hamza, the name is spreading everywhere globally as the strong competitor is Xulfi. When a question is addressed to Rohail Hyatt, you’ve left Coke Studio, Strings have split as well. Who will produce CS? To this, Rohail Hayatt reacted, since Bilal worked alone at Velo, he may, in any case, do that once more. There is numerous contender for it. Ideally, Coke will discover somebody passionate about producing It. Xulfi is the ideal choice IMO.

CS launched in 2008

The Vital Signs founder member released Coke Studio in 2008 and took a break after six seasons. He returned as the maker for the show in 2019 and produced two back-to-back periods. Strings took the CS from season 6 till ten, and Ali Hamza, alongside Zohaib Kazi, co-delivered season 11.

Former call guitarist

According to reports, Xulfi, the previous Call guitarist told that it is always a chance. He shared this each year, and there’s this information. So there’s an expectation of doing Coke Studio always. Moreover, he added nobody knows, and let’s see where the future takes us.

It is appropriate to refer to that Xulfi has recently created Hum Aik Hain under the banner of CS. He was likewise asked to do Coke Studio Explorer before season 12 was cancelled out.

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