11,000 women have been victims of rape at the hands of Indian occupation forces in IOJK.

In the previous three decades, in excess of 11,000 women have been sufferers of assault or gang rape at the hands of Indian occupation forces in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan drag the world to notice the difficulty of Kashmiri women, who have been daily victims of sexual brutality by Indian occupation forces on the International day of ‘Elimination of Sexual Violence in struggle’ notices worldwide on Friday.

Snatching and attack of young women during claimed barriers-and-search tasks has been utilized as a harsh instrument by Indian occupation forces to punish whole region.

Independently, Minister for Human Rights Dr Shireen Mazari got out the Indian government for its heartless strategies and severe restriction in occupied Kashmir.

Shireen Mazari said the Occupation Indian state has utilized assault as a weapon of war in IOJK, looking back on a mass assault by Indian occupation forces in the towns of Kunan and Poshpora on Feb 23, 1991, which is universally reported

She regretted, “Modi’s Hindutva Authority Government has continued with this state-supported wrongdoing in IOJK.”

The minister said that it is disgraceful when states enjoy such wrongdoings, ‘as an issue of policy’.

The step was taken to bring issues to light of the need to stop struggle related sexual brutality, to respect the sufferers and survivors of sexual brutality around the globe and to pay tribute to each one of the individuals who have bravely dedicated their lives to and lost their lives in holding up for the elimination of these violations.

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