Imran Khan urged the United Nations to take steps against the illegal transfer of money globally.

Prime minister Imran Khan on Thursday said that consistently billions of dollars are unlawfully moved from developing nations over the globe.

Professional criminals loot US$1 trillion from developing nations consistently, he said while tending to a high level board on Financial Accountability, Transparency, and Integrity (FACTI) on the sidelines of the continuous United Nations General Assembly meeting and called for detailing laws to bring back this cash to the developing nations.

He said that his legislature had come into power with an order to act against financial crimes and end corruption in the nation.

While asking the worldwide network to act mutually against illegal tax avoidance, the prime minister said that laws ought to be come up with to stop tax avoidance from global organizations.

He ordered, cash taken from poor and underdeveloped nations ought to be returned.

PM Imran Khan asked the United Nations to make strict steps against the illegal exchange of money worldwide and said that without successful steps being taken, a gap between poor people and rich will additionally develop globally.

He further advised upon the developed nations to help underdeveloped nations at the hour of the COVID-19 outbreak and ordered to give ease to them in payment of their debts.

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