Pakistan rejected their involvement in the Pulwama attack.
Pulwama attack : SOURCE: ARYNEWS.TV

Pakistan completely dismissed the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s implication of Pakistan’s allegation in the Pulwama attack by referring to comments made by a Minister in the National Assembly.

He said that India has neglected to give any solid proof of Pakistan’s so-called involvement in the Pulwama attack.

This is a bold try to change the comments of the federal minister, who was referring to the fitting reaction given by the Pakistan Armed Forces in broad light to India’s not carefully considered misfortune of 26 February 2019, in violation upon the UN Charter and global law.

The announcement stated, it is the BJP administration’s hopeless obsession on Pakistan that forces them to always criticized Pakistan for their own failings and weaknesses. Most prominently, it has been a part and parcel of the BJP’s electoral plan to raise Pakistan ‘thief’ in the effort to urge voters help, while trying to divert public consideration from their domestic and international strategy disappointments.

The representative one more time suggested the BJP system to quit involving Pakistan into India’s domestic’s legislative issues, particularly at the time of elections in India.

Rather than preparing the electorate through fueling of against Pakistan sentiments, the BJP leadership would be all around encouraged to win voter support by showing genuine performance in assembling the desires of the Indian public, the FO representative concluded.

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