Pakistan Introduces Virtual Reality Classes for Education
Now, online classes will feel the same as a real classroom.

ITU’s Revolutionary Step into the Metaverse: Virtual Reality Classes

Information Technology University (ITU) has made history in Pakistan by offering classes in the metaverse, marking a significant advancement in online education.

Virtual Reality Classes:

ITU is the first university in Pakistan to introduce virtual reality classes, revolutionizing how students learn. With virtual reality, students can experience an immersive educational environment similar to a physical classroom.

Virtual Reality Classes

Accessibility and Convenience:

Students and teachers can join classes from anywhere using a virtual reality headset. This eliminates geographical barriers, allowing participation regardless of location.

Interactive Learning Experience:

Through the metaverse platform, students can engage in interactive sessions, ask questions, and even have their movements tracked and felt by others in the virtual classroom. The setup mimics a traditional classroom with a projector and board for the teacher, enhancing the learning experience.

Student Feedback & Academic Performance:

Feedback from students indicates that the virtual classroom closely resembles reality, making it easier to understand course material and engage effectively with the syllabus. Ibrahim Ghaznavi, Head of the Department of Computer Sciences at ITU, highlights the positive impact on students’ academic performance.

Motivation Behind the Initiative:

The challenges faced during the transition to online learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the decision to introduce virtual reality classes. Recognizing the limitations of conventional online platforms, ITU collaborated with the University of Denmark to pioneer this project.

Potential for Global Recognition:

Experts in the IT sector believe that if policymakers support adopting modern technologies like virtual reality for educational purposes, Pakistan could emerge as a global leader. Embracing such advancements can enhance the quality of education and contribute to the country’s recognition on the global stage.

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ITU’s initiative to offer classes in the metaverse represents a significant step forward in online education in Pakistan. By leveraging virtual reality technology, the university provides students with an immersive and interactive learning experience that transcends traditional boundaries. With continued support and investment in such innovative approaches, Pakistan can position itself as a global educational technology leader.

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