Train Accident At Ghotki, Prime Minister Directs a Complete Investigation
Two trains crashed at Ghotki Railway Station source:

Ghotki – Deadly Train Accident:

On Monday, a shocking train accident took place at the railway station of Ghotki. Out of nowhere, two trains collided badly at the same point. Moreover, 32 passengers were dead on spot and about 64 people were critically injured. In this regard, Prime Minister Imran Khan expresses “Shock” at this accident. Also, PM gave orders to the Minister of Railway to go on the site and help the injured over there.

In fact, Imran Khan expressed his sorrow over this horrible train accident. He also expressed shock at the loss of innocent souls in this accident. Meanwhile, he ordered the management of Ghotki Railway Station to investigate the whole case thoroughly.

Many Passengers Lost their lives in this Train Accident:

The investigation reports show that 32 passengers have already lost their lives and about 64 people are badly injured. Moreover, between the Raiti and Obaro, the two trains collapse and this accident take place.

Through his Twitter, Imran Khan expressed his grief over this loss. Furthermore, PM Khan also instructed Azam Swati, Railway Minister, to take care of the injured masses and provide medical assistance as soon as possible.

“The police, Army, and Rangers also reached the crash site. ISPR says that they are making efforts to provide relief and relaxation to the passengers. Moreover, to provide aid to the critically injured people, military doctors, as well as health professionals, also arrived at the crash site. 

Furthermore, ISPR says that two helicopters fly from Multan to provide rapid relief assistance and rescue. Also, they have developed relief facilities for the injured


However, Umar Tofail, SSP of Ghotki says that they have already transferred injured and deceased patients to the nearby hospitals. Moreover, their treatment has also started. As a matter of fact, the armed forces still not rescued some of the railway compartments. They all are trying their level best to reach the people and rescue them.

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