Muhabbat Tujhae Alvida, a story filled up with selfish desires.

Ulfat visits Shafaq’s home who made her hold up at the front door of her house, but when she is going to go the gatekeeper let her in and there Shafaq pretends as though she doesn’t think about her coming. She turns into all nice in front of her and dealing with her like the manner in which she used to treat her.

Ulfaat agrees to let her wed her husband yet for that, she needs to give her 10 Corer rupees. To which Shafaq says that she will give her 15 Corers, 5 Corers as gift and she will always be Shahaan’s first wife and her status will never get influenced.

Ulfat asks Shahaan to wed his boss Shafaq and demands that there is no wrong in wedding her and he ought to wed her as she needs a decent partner. Ulfaat makes a huge drama she isn’t talking with Shahaan and Shahaan is very upset on Ulfaat’s senseless demand.

Shahaan is being quiet when shafaq asks that he share his problem. Shafaq holds Shahaan’s hand and reveals to him that he can share whatever he feels as she isn’t only his boss yet his friend too on which Shahaan removes his hand and leaves without saying any word to her.

There are a lot more twists to come how Ulfat will agree Shahaan to marry Shafaq.

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