Arshad Khan opened up his own rooftop café in Islamabad called Cafe Chai Wala.

‘Chai wala’ Arshad Khan made his first mark on the world, when he was at work when he was snapped by a professional photographer travelling the outdoors Sunday Bazaar. She later shared her work on Instagram, wondering about his great looks.

The photos soon circulated around the social media, fans fainted over his blue eyes, simplicity and straightforwardness. His charm even exceeding the borders of his home country, he grew a remarkable fan following in neighboring India also.

Although, after years away from the public views, Arshad Khan is currently back in the news. He has reappeared as a confident business visionary profiting by his image to launch a desi-themed cafe in Islamabad.

Arshad Khan who turned into a web sensation because of his attractive features has opened up his own rooftop cafe in Islamabad called ‘Bistro Chai Wala’

Arshad kept up that he will open branches of ‘Bistro Chai Wala’ across Pakistan soon.

Arshad Khan’s cafe is themed around truck art and, in an offer to promote Pakistani culture and heritage, dynamic colors have been utilized in the decorations and interior planning. Aside from tea, he serves around 15-20 different kinds of backups at the cafe.

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