Clickbait, Pakistani web series, will now stream on Amazon Prime.
The film is about the ups & downs of internet fame: Source:

Pakistani web series Clickbait, delivered by Imagine Nation Pictures, would now stream on Amazon Prime.

Clickbait is only accessible on Amazon Prime in Japan, the US, the UK, and Germany. Every other person gets to watch the show on YouTube. The web series is shot in Pakistan and Thailand and has gained a fantastic following.

Writer, director & cast

Clickbait is written by Zahra and coordinated by Zahra & Rehman. The series spins around two locally famous YouTube vloggers, Rida Zehra as Sara and Sami Rehman as Asad, how they go about with the content creation that would get them the most fabulous subscribers. YouTubers Mooroo, CBA (Comics by Arsalan), Kashaan of The Idiotz, Junaid Akram, and Ali Gul Pir have appearances.

Hard work of YouTubers

Zahra Rehman said that a few people might feel that YouTubers made the content very quickly, but making a video and transferring it is difficult. Inclusion is that viewers get to know how hard and intensely these makers work for the platform. They will also look at how things are once they’re not in front of the camera.

She further said we are also talking about getting our very first web series BFFs on the global streaming platform.

The short storyline of series

She continued to talk about the competition to be the internet’s next viral trend. In Clickbait, you will know how two YouTubers fight it out on the famous top page and wind up to be forever enemies because of an accidental clash created by the fans. She added the series focuses on the alterations of internet fame.

The series produced without the help of sponsors

Clickbait is the first Pakistan web series that has released without the assistance of any support. Moreover, it is good to see Pakistani content being appreciated by worldwide streaming stages as it isn’t only the future yet the presentation of storytelling. It is a much successful way of speaking with the rest of the world contrasted with some other mainstream PR campaign to break generalizations about the country and individuals.

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