Pakistan faced a difficult economic situation. PM Imran Khan.

Prime minister Imran Khan discussed about corruption and how to manage it today through video link.

Discussing the economical circumstance of Pakistan, Imran Khan featured how much the nation is under water and how it has influenced various resources projects.

Prime minister said, Pakistan confronted a tough financial circumstance. The economy is troubled with debt. Because of which there was an absence of required resources for education, health, and advancement projects.

PM Khan told the participants how corruption has ruined Pakistan. He emphasized the importance of handling the corruptions to protect the nation before they turn crazy. He stated

Concentrating on the improvement of the financial division, Imran Khan emphasized putting resources into the construction part as it will give openings for work to numerous jobless poor individuals.

Giving reference to the State of Madinah law’s standard, Imran Khan said to follow the same steps from them to make improvement in the nation.

He stated, the state of Madinah had the standard of law, security of the weaker sections, and advancement of education. We can make improvement by following these brilliant standards. Officers have the most important job to carry out in accomplishing this objective.

During the gathering, Imran Khan encouraged individuals to have sympathy for poor and needy individuals and support him to finish corruption from Pakistan.

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